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About the Project

McKinley construction was awarded the opportunity to construct  a Tension Fabric Shelter that houses F18 fighter jets on the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, CA.

These specialized structures are created with pre-manufactured cylindrical aluminum trusses with fabric stretched over the top. The material is water, fire, and UV proof with a 25 year warranty. Every part of the structure is manufactured in the United States.

The Miramar project included installation of a dehumidification system and stations for charging jet electronics. These measures ensure the rapid deployment of jets when called upon, saving critical downtime and millions of taxpayer dollars which might be spent preparing dormant jets for activity.

Planning and preparation for this project lasted six months once the design had been calculated, while installation required just two.


Working on any military base requires an extensive application process to become a qualified vendor – inclusive of past experience, fingerprinting, background checks, and references. All laborers must pass FBI security background checks to gain clearance to access the base.

Since the project was on the flight line, driving training and tests were also required for the crew to responsibly and safely navigate to and from the construction site. Due to the specialized nature of the installation, education and familiarization with the materials was also a necessity.

Our Approach

    • Practicing a proactive, patient and thorough approach to the application, security and training requirements of the project
    • Preparing painstakingly to ensure an expedient and safe installation, generating the experience necessary to secure numerous military contracts
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