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  • Client: Martin Resorts
  • Construction Date: 2006
  • Client Website: https://www.martinresorts.com/
  • Location: Avila Beach, CA
  • Value: 12 million
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About the Project

The Avila Lighthouse Suites is a resort built upon a subterranean parking structure, and inclusive of a large outdoor recreational space and swimming pool.  This was a new construction project completed in 16 months start to finish.

Coordination of yards upons yards of concrete installation for the appropriate parking structure integrity, waterproofing/drainage, and ADA compliance were all unique features of the project. McKinley was selected from among multiple competitive bidders. 


The Avila Lighthouse Suitesproject had unique safety concerns as it was a large property in a small beach community. Managing worker and public safety throughout the project but especially during the busy tourism season was of utmost concern. 

The planning for the sheer amount of concrete necessary for the underground parking lot and the recreational space brought unique challenges to the project. Lastly, a sudden change in client leadership caused some instability around the project that needed the appropriate response. This gave McKinley an opportunity for more experience dealing with client teams experiencing transition and shifts in plan. 

Our Approach

    • Performing regular perimeter walks to ensure proper scaffolding and the absence of hazards to protect the integrity of the project work, as well as the safety of the crew and tourist population.
    • Close coordination with the concrete subcontractor, facilitating trucks coming in and out of Avila every 15 minutes for a period of over 12 hours. 
    • Practicing transparency and clear communication with the client allowed the navigation of change and a re-establishment of trust, resulting in the successful completion of the project.
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