• Project Details

  • Client: State of California
  • Construction Date: 2008
  • Client Website: https://www.ca.gov/
  • Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Value: 3.5 million
  • Architect: Fraser Sieple
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About the Project

The State of California Department of Industrial Relations Building is a LEED-certified green project. This new construction work was completed from the ground up in 6 months, coming in under the forecasted budget. 

Working together with the property owners, Walter Brothers, and local architect Fraser Sieple, the project was awarded by referral due to McKinley Construction’s expertise in green building and  public works construction projects.

Managing 22 pre-qualified DIR registered subcontractors, due to the state’s certified payroll requirements, the project was completed following all the necessary green building requirements. Government building security concerns required the implementation of top of the line security measures including bullet proof glass, low voltage key card entry, and more.


Gaining all needed approvals from multiple agencies working in siloed environments presented a challenge in this case. Other challenges posed were sourcing of unique materials and green-qualified subcontractors.

Our Approach

    • Acting as a steady conduit to ensure consensus between stakeholders which resulted in a speedy turnaround. 
    • Carefully selecting the most qualified contractors and specialized materials.
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